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Attrans Management Solutions

Our learning and development interventions are designed to transform people and processes in businesses.

Executive Coaching

An essential stepping stone to unlocking potential and  transforming leadership

Coaching unlocks the potential for greater growth, self-awareness, and becoming a better/best version of oneself. The process leads to greater success in personal as well as professional life. Employing an executive coach is one of the greatest gifts an organization can give to its leaders.

We provide an interactive and progressive technique aimed at identifying areas of improvement & challenges and anchoring the most suitable course of action to successfully deliver impact. Our coaching is collaborative and thought-provoking where we ask the right questions and collectively explore innovative solutions, outcomes and build accountability. It involves the power of reflection, introspection, brainstorming, problem solving and resilience building. The leaders rise above difficult situations, grow their emotional intelligence and hone their leadership skills in a way that not only benefits them but also the organizations  they serve. 

“My job is to ask, listen, learn and figure out what it is that you want. My job as a coach is not to tell you who you want to be . I am here to help you be the person that you want to be.” – Marshall Goldsmith , Executive Coach & Leadership Thinker.

Amongst other methods, Attrans employs The Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centred Coaching. It guarantees measurable results in leadership development and is based on global best practices.

Team Coaching

“I am because we are.” – Ubuntu Tribe Philosophy

Team Coaching leverages the power of true collaboration. It unlocks and enhances a group’s potential to work efficiently and in a coordinated manner. In team coaching, the tool of communication is instrumental in dismantling any barriers to teamwork and success. The Team Stakeholder Centred Coaching builds a safe space for open communication and trust to develop and new ideas to flourish. We organically build connectedness between individuals which optimizes collective strength and capabilities.

Team Workshop

Monthly Team Coaching Sessions

Quarterly Measurements to review the growth of the team

Team coaching can be employed when:

    1. A high functioning team wants to get better
    2. Existing teams are exhibiting dysfunctional behaviour
    3. A new team is being formed
    4. A project team has organizational critical goals and deadlines
    5. Two highly interdependent teams are not working together
    6. Members have similar development needs and may benefit together as a group

Team Coaching has proven to be highly effective and resource efficient in supporting leaders in their leadership growth and improving team effectiveness. An essential part of team coaching is team members supporting each other as stakeholders and coaches, while implementing their action plan to drive change and results. Team coaching is an effective & cost-efficient way to grow leaders, change teams and develop the organizational culture.

Customized Interventions

 Attrans ensures that we meet your unique needs

We offer interventions based on the principle of absolute objectivity. As we set on a journey with you to learn and understand your challenges, we collectively explore and weigh different solutions and interventions. We support you to navigate and act as partners to enhance your flexibility.

An example of a customized learning journey

Other Solutions: 

    • Manage change & cultural fit. 
    • Repair strained relationships. 
    • Achieve divisional/corporate goals
    • Improved employee engagement, loyalty, enthusiasm, and innovation and thereby reduced attrition rates
    • Improved customer service levels. 
    • Facilitate managers to multitask, build happy and effective teams. 
    • Help keep performers engaged and growing

Blended Leadership Program

High quality integrated progams to maximise learning

It is imperative for all organizations to invest in leadership programs which are impactful and guarantee ROI at the end. Attrans has designed and adapted blended learning products that integrate technology to boost learning and deliver business impact. This ensures and helps leaders to explore themselves, energise teams and elevate the organization. 

Inspire Trust & Engage

Inspiring trust is fundamental to leadership development. Effective leadership is held together by interactions through multiple channels.

   Impactful Conversations

Effective Leaders conduct high impact conversations with purposefulness and positive thinking to motivate and engage employees.This 3-hour focussed learning byte will enable participants to initiate high-impact conversations that are structured and purposeful, clarify the Why-How-What, listen with empathy to establish common ground and create authentic dialogue through storytelling.

   Straight Talk and Feedforward

This session will help leaders hold authentic conversations with courage and humility and learn the methodology and practice of Feedforward. Feedforward helps design a way forward and encourages participants to be genuine and straightforward which creates trust amongst people. This 3-hour focused learning byte is a must for every leader to be able to coach and engage their employees.

Create Vision & Lead

Creating a vision and ensuring its recognition is a key component of success.

   Transformational Leadership Journey

Transformational leaders encourage, inspire, and motivate employees to innovate and create change. This digital workshop can help create authentic leadership and an Agile and Adaptive organization (AAA). It is based on 4 quotients: Intelligence, Emotional, Social, and Adversity and includes 6 hours of individual coaching, Projects, and 9 hours of digital connect every three weeks spread across 4 months.

   Leadership Edge

Highly engaging and reflective online sessions of 120 minutes each to help prepare for the ‘New Normal’. This program will help leaders get ready to face the challenges while continuing to manage & lead people and perform to excel as individuals & organizations. This journey of mastering various aspects of Leadership, offers a platform to explore oneself and get ready to be part of the leading edge.

Execute Strategy & Perform

Visions may never materialize without the power of strategic execution. A key skill to ensure results!


   Key Account Manager

As organizations grow with profit and presence, the Key Account Managers are essential to retaining customers and sustaining growth. This three-day journey employs the ‘4 A’ approach to Key Account Manager Development, the 4 As are: Aspiration, Awareness, Analysis and Actions Plan. The journey includes frameworks of Situation Analysis, real-life case studies and group processes to unveil various perspectives.

   Emerging Talent Program

An intensive customisable six- to twelve-month journey to skill and motivate key talent in organisations. The journey is designed around 4 building blocks to ensure engagement, sustained contact and continuous implementation of the learnings at work.The program includes assessments, Communication Mastery, Stakeholder Management, Business Strategy and Economic Efficiency, while building Results Orientation.


Coach & Empower Teams

The power of a leader is embedded in their ability to build future leaders.

   Train The Trainer

Implementing the Train The Trainer process in an organization not only prepares trainers, but also provides a powerful skill set and opportunity for growth and development for managers and leaders who act as instructors in their respective roles. This flagship offering from Attrans is conducted in 3 modules, it can be delivered both online and offline.

   Leader as Coach (LAC)

Leaders who are also effective coaches can help create a healthy organisation and a pipeline of motivated future leaders. The Leader-Coach learning journey includes: 12 hours of group learning; 2 hours of coaching; mentoring; assignment sharing; feedback; and feedforward. The journey will leave participants with greater self-awareness, familiarity with coaching methodologies, Emotional Intelligence, and enhanced interpersonal skills.

Digital Café

A varied choice of rich, replenishing and productive online interventions

Our Digital Cafe creates dialogue and learning in a virtual space. It is an informal space of sharing, learning and creating together. We brew several kinds of learning (coffee) for you and invite you to join us —  our experts will brew some amazingly potent experiential coffee for you.

Here is our learning menu

Communication Cappuccino

Effective E-mail writing 

Write structured, crisp, e-mails and craft effective replies. This 3-hour learning byte will help provide tips and practice to help enhance style, tone and clarity of e-mails.

Communication Essentials 

This session uses the principles of DISC to help participants build strong and productive relations while building effective conversation with peers, colleagues and internal and external customers.

Assertive Communication 

Participants will apply the 3C’s of Communication, learn communication styles, learn to avoid both passive and aggressive tone, practice assertiveness in non-verbal communication, acquire self-control along with other tools and techniques.

Listening Skills 

Participants will be able to identify barriers to listening effectively, practice active listening through the REDS technique and build successful relationships with clients and colleagues.

Teleconference and Online Meeting Etiquette 

The need of the hour. This short module will help participants skilfully navigate and conduct online meetings with our TQLR technique.

Impactful Presentations

A presentation can make or break first impressions. This 3-hour learning byte (plus teach back) will help participants consider audience needs and present information clearly and effectively.

Skill Enhancement Frappe


This 3-hour learning byte will help participants set clear goals and prioritize tasks efficiently in order to become more result oriented and productive.

Managing Conflict

This will help participants understand the nature of conflict, learn conflict management styles tools and techniques that will lead to resolution and success.

Problem Solving and decision-making skills 

Making decisions at work is an intrinsic part of problem solving; this session addresses both through tools, tips and techniques for structured and rational problem solving.

Being Customer Centric

This session is designed to introduce tools that will help develop deep and meaningful relationships with customers, while sharply focusing on strategies for offering great customer service.

Influencing & Negotiation Skills

Negotiation helps reach agreement whereas Influence can change others’ attitudes or behaviour. The digital café is designed to develop and enhance your skills in both aspects. 

In-house Special Blended Coffee

Being Decisive

This workshop will help you build a systematic approach to make effective decisions through self-assessment and our 8-step approach and techniques to minimize risks.

Being Mindful of Change

Change is inevitable and helps us evolve. This learning byte focus on how we can adapt to change, handles inner and outer resistance and use the technique of the Change Circle.

Creativity through Design Thinking

This module helps inculcate a creative approach merged with Design Thinking for effective brainstorming to generate out of box ideas and solutions.

Team Mindfulness 

Am I able to let go of my ‘I-ness’ to focus on ‘Us’? This session on creating mindful teams will help participants build relationships, empathy and a collaborative spirit.

Feedback the EI way

This self-exploratory and experiential session will give participants an introduction to Emotional Intelligence (EI) and how EI can be used for Feedback. Role play and case studies provide valuable experience.