Every success story starts with a vision

Attrans Management Solutions

Thriving through Change
Enhancing Leadership Capability, Cohesiveness, and Trust

The client organization, headquartered in Pune, Maharashtra, had a vision to become a Centre of Excellence within the Global Engineering community.       

The Task was to engage and build a strong, cohesive, confident, and capable management team that can thrive through change and help reach the organisation’s vision.

Our Solution – Attrans designed a holistic six-month leadership journey called Enthuse! We brought  a 360-degree approach towards this intervention. 

Results for the Organisation

After 6 long months of focused coaching, learning bites and feedback, we had a formal closure of the program with a quick recap of  learnings and challenges during the Enthuse Leadership Journey. We received appreciation and commendations from the entire team as well as the MD. The participants shared concrete experiences where this intervention had helped them to effectively  manage current changes in the organisation. All participants acknowledged that their  awareness & acceptance as leaders had increased and they looked forward to working in a more cohesive management team.

The Attrans touch

  • Achieved Alignment of thoughts and expectations amongst all stakeholders
  • Provided timely Feed Forwards