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Blended Approach to Enable Learning Everywhere

We took on the task of creating a blended learning solution for a dedicated end-to-end real estate organization. The participants included  in-house architects, engineers and construction crew who specialize in premium residential and commercial projects across Pune, Bangalore & Goa. 

After a detailed diagnosis, we designed an exciting, original and innovative solution that included mobile- based learning, Learning Cafe and a final four-hour interaction where the participants presented their projects. 

The design focused on skill enhancement and sharing of best practices, while motivating and aligning participants towards organisational goals. Our aim was to deliver maximum learning that participants could access at their convenience .

Each learning  module concluded with an interactive quiz which tested the knowledge gained. The four mobile- based learning modules included: Understanding Leadership,  Developing Leadership, Managing Challenges in Leadership & Driving Leadership. The Learning Cafe helped bring in thoughts and perspectives of different business leaders on topics such as ownership, accountability, result orientation, communication, etc.

Results for the Organisation

The organisation’s HR & the participants of our programme helped the organisation reach the desired goal in 2019. We witnessed a complete metamorphosis! Our client was happy with the blended approach and our creativity in each module.

The Attrans touch

  • Strong follow-up mechanism to sustain enthusiasm
  • Belief, Drive, and commitment for all involved in the intervention
  • Experimentation & openness to tweak to ensure holistic learning.