Every success story starts with a vision

Attrans Management Solutions

Lead The Way
A Values-Driven Transformational Journey

In 2017, Attrans Management Solutions collaborated with a well-known automobile brand towards their journey to instill values within the organisation and its people so that each member could comprehend, and demonstrate the organisation’s values as a way of life.

The Attrans team of experts, in consultation with the HR, team designed a two-day workshop. Through the experiential workshop, participants learnt how to adapt to different phases of change, building a cohesive team through effective relationship management, internalizing the values of the organization, and enhancing their customer orientation & influencing skills. We conducted four transformational workshops of 16 hours each where everyone participated enthusiastically. A follow-up session with participants reinforced the learnings and commitment towards the four values, thus making our product a grand success.

The Attrans touch

  • Deep dive diagnostics to understand the client need
  • Encouraged employees to talk the same language across levels and  locations
  • Result oriented approach & collaboration with the HR team
  • Establishing ‘what’s in it for me’ for all stakeholders.