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Attrans Management Solutions

Developing Entrepreneur Within
A Holistic Learning Journey

Key Talent Development Program

Our client, a well-known automobile company, had identified key talent in the sales team that included high performers over the last  3 years. The participants were performing well in their current role, but their managers were not sure about their readiness for the new higher role. During the diagnostic study, one of the managers commented –  “I am not so sure, whether he will be able to deliver in the new role & meet our expectations”

After meetings with managers of the target group, we designed a year-long journey for the select key talent.

This journey was designed around 4 building blocks. Our design and delivery was highly appreciated by the participants and all stakeholders. The objective was to ensure engagement, sustained contact & continuous implementation of the learnings in the real world . 

We received incredibly positive feedback on sustainability of the learning and its implementation. Thisjourney instilled enthusiasm to perform effectively and build long-term business benefits. 

Results for the Organisation

After 6 long months of focused coaching, learning bites and feedback, we had a formal closure of the program with a quick recap of  learnings and challenges during the Enthuse Leadership Journey. We received appreciation and commendations from the entire team as well as the MD. The participants shared concrete experiences where this intervention had helped them to effectively  manage current changes in the organisation. All participants acknowledged that their  awareness & acceptance as leaders had increased and they looked forward to working in a more cohesive management team.

The Attrans touch

  • Stayed connected and engaged with participants throughout the journey
  • Created creative content to challenge the existing thoughts & beliefs
  • Explored multiple  points of connection with HR , the participants and the facilitator.

Key Account Manager Development Program

Attrans Management Solutions was engaged by a well-known automobile client to help Key Account Managers move beyond the sales role to act more as consultants for the customers of the organisation. We created  a Journey-based  Key Account Manager Development Program for managers of the Sales team.  We needed to facilitate a paradigm change for the Key Account Manager role, the participants would have to take on roles involving consulting, proposing a project plan for the stakeholders and even guiding the teams of the stakeholders on how to do business effectively.  Our solution was a design based on the  ‘4 A’ principle

  • Where do I stand today?
  • How to handle the new expectations from the role – Change Management 
  • Skills required to be a successful Key Account Manager
  • What Challenges do I face while I connect with people?
  • Who are my Stakeholders?
  • Mapping the stakeholders to understand and act as per their varied needs & relationships
  • What are the business challenges?
  • Entrepreneurial Thinking 
  • Result Vs. Growth Mindset
Action Plan
  • Business alignment
  • Result Orientation
  • Strategic thinking & acting

The  program was spread over four months with a one-day interaction every month followed by pre work, assignments & post work. It made a huge impact on the participants. They were now equipped with a changed mindset to handle key stakeholders, understand their requirements fully, and take appropriate actions in line with the business goals & targets.

The Attrans touch

  • Introduced new management tools
  • Considered the broader organizational view