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She has a knack for making you realize about all the things which you can improve about yourself which in the end makes you feel absolutely good about yourself. My journey with her although for a short 3 months was all about self-realization and coming to accept my shortcomings and moving forward from there. Never have I felt such a high boost of confidence with my own actions!

I hope I have expressed my self-enough. Best wishes for your future endeavors.

Amruta Awasare


I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for providing the guidance for being a better personality during the leadership journey.

It’s never easy to train people on behaviours because they come into the training with a perception of their own about themselves, and then when you have to train people on behaviours with a vast experience in life then it becomes a much more tricky task.

But the way you handled all of that (because most of the people in our batch were older then you) and were able to guide and train them in their own ways was something that I would wish I can do someday.

Self reflection is a very powerful tool.

Thank you very much and would love to be in touch with a guru like you in future.

Ankush Tomer


Carrying a professional attitude, yet very friendly atmosphere, giving scope of ice breakers and opportunities for everyone to learn and understand concepts of management and leadership was my overall positive experience in the training sessions conducted by Moumita.

Her innovative and refined ways of connecting management theory to practical life (which was not only limited to office atmosphere) was the highlight of the sessions. 

Had loads of fun and gained good perspective which remains with me as guidance always!!

Thank you for your support!

Rahul Patankar



You truly stand out on below points during your facilitation and conducting Training programs:

  1. Your energy and exuberance
  2. Your reading of partipants’ mind and their body language
  3. Your lucid explanation of complex leadership models
  4. Your style and ability of positive sandwich feedbacks
  5. Your Emotional connect with all participants.

 All the best for all your future endeavours.

Nachiket Deshpande