Learning is an ongoing process

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Creative Content

by Falguni Naik

Creativity and visualization go hand in hand. Both are important traits for a good facilitator. The current situation demands change in the way facilitators build their training content and facilitate sessions . How a facilitator visualizes and creates relevant content depends on the end goal and on how they want to engage participants to  ensure learning retention. 

A lot of us have brainstormed, googled and defined ways of content development; having said that there is no one prevailing method. I would love to share my thoughts using a very simple analogy here:  

Developing content for a workshop is like demonstrating amazing culinary skills, knowing what flavours  work best for your participants, i.e., their needs. Adjusting the taste palettes of participants by enticing existing taste buds-i.e., interactive learning methodologies blended with fun learning and introducing new sharp and zesty spices or – bringing in a very different aspect of content and driving adult learning. . All this while  making sure that your content leaves a lasting impression, or learnings and  take-away’s.

Also not shying from savouring world gourmet (bringing in different and creative methodologies) and make an exciting aftertaste for the end user (make it activity-driven with a powerful debrief).

Creating content is as exhilarating as the aromatic freshly brewed coffee; it’s all about being creative!

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